What's All The Hype About NITRIC OXIDE?

Posted by BennuLife Staff on December 6, 2018 at 12:13 PM

There is a great deal of hype about nitric oxide (NO) in health news lately. It is critical for so many functions and valuable to our overall health - and we should ALL be making a concerted effort to maintain optimal levels of NO in our systems. It gives us strength, helps fight disease and infection, and it is a significant factor in any anti-aging regime.

Fortunately, we can gain all the benefits simply by making minor adjustments to our daily diet and activity routines.

How it Works

Nitric oxide is produced by nearly every single cell in the human body. It controls virtually every aspect of human physiology, making it easier for our trillions of cells to communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout the entire body.

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It is also a marker of chronic disease. Low NO levels are associated with many diseases as well as generally poor health. 

Some of the ways in which nitric oxide is critical for general health include:

1.     Helps regulate blood pressure by dilating arteries

2.     Supports memory

3.     Strengthens the immune system against infection and tumors

4.     Promotes a reduction in systemic inflammation

5.     Supports improved stem cell functioning

6.     Improves sleep quality

7.     Heightens your scent memory

8.     Increases cardiovascular strength

9.     Increases endurance

10.   Improves gastric function


Nitric Oxide and Heart Disease

One of the most critical functions of NO is the effect it has on the cardiovascular system. NO is a natural vasodilator, meaning it relaxes the blood vessel walls and causes them to widen. As a result, nitric oxide improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure. This also allows for optimized nutrient and oxygen delivery to every system, organ, and tissue in the body.


Nitric Oxide and Your Immune System

The health of our immune system is directly connected to NO production as it helps to control autoimmune processes and infection. NO is very much involved in eliminating tumors and potentially harmful infectious substances.


Nitric Oxide and Stem Cell Function

Stem cells play a significant role in the body’s healing process – and they absolutely depend on nitric acid in order to function efficiently and properly. Research shows that nitric acid is critical for stem cells to mobilize and become functional, supporting mesenchymal cells in their efforts to repair damaged cells.


How can we increase our Nitric Oxide levels?

There are several relatively simple ways to maintain optimal levels of nitric oxide. These include:

1.     Increase your Intake of Vegetables that are High in Nitrates. However, since NO degrades quickly, it is important to replenish it every chance you get. Foods that are rich in nitrates include:

•      Celery

•      Cress

•      Chervil

•      Lettuce

•      Beetroot

•      Spinach

•      Arugula


2.     Increase your Intake of Antioxidants. Free radicals shorten the life of NO. Increasing the antioxidants in your diet will reduce free radicals. Some great (and delicious) food sources of antioxidants are:

•      Blueberries

•      Dark chocolate

•      Pecans

•      Kale

•      Artichokes


3. Get your Blood Flowing with Exercise. High-intensity interval training (like the Nitric Oxide Dump) can significantly increase nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is found within the lining of your blood vessels and can be released several times a day by working out, briefly but intensely, every few hours.


4. Take a NO-Producing Supplement: There are several supplements that have been shown to have a profound impact on NO production. We found that the absolute BEST product for stimulating NO production in the body is Neo40 Pro, which is produced by the company HumanN. The research on Neo40 was performed by Dr. Nathan Bryan, an industry-recognized leader in nitric oxide research. He believes that restoring NO production should be the first line of defense in any anti-aging strategy as our bodies are unable to heal without optimizing the nitric oxide-based cell signaling.

NEO40At Bennulife, we recommend that all of our patients start taking Neo40 one week before treatment – and especially on the day of treatment – in order to optimize their stem cells prior to the aspiration procedure.

Because nitric oxide is critical for general health, especially as we age, we recommend that our patients continue on this powerful supplement, long-term. For your convenience, Neo40 can be purchased on our website.


Please contact our Wellness Coordinator with any questions you have about optimizing your nitric oxide levels or any other methods of improving your health and wellness. 512-213-1668

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