Treat Your Tennis Elbow with Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Posted by Susan Scambray on April 25, 2018 at 10:34 AM

Are you suffering from tennis elbow? It’s a common chronic injury diagnosed in hundreds of thousands of people every year, including world-class Olympians.

Tennis elbow is a lingering painful condition that results from repetitive motion of your wrist and arm, leading to repetitive tendon strain and microscopic tears resulting in persistent inflammation of the tendons that link the forearm muscles to the bony part of the elbow called epicondyle. These muscles are responsible for wrist and finger “extension” (bending backwards).

While commonly referred to as tennis elbow, anyone who undergoes repetitive motions and strain of the wrist-elbow can suffer from this type of condition. The typical initial conservative treatment is to rest your arm and take over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen, to allow the body to heal the area. More involved treatment options in more severe cases range from steroid injections, tendon debridement, and surgical release to re-start healing process and decrease tendon “tension”.

However, new treatment options may help avoid these more invasive surgical procedures.

In cases where the condition has been present too long or has gotten too severe, the body’s natural healing process tends to “give up” overtime or fails to restore the injured tissue to more normal healthy condition. When this happens and symptoms don’t respond to the conservative treatment or the improvement is only partial and temporary, eventually recurring when activity is resumed, patients end up needing surgical treatment.

In conditions like this one, a therapeutic injection made from your own blood or bone marrow, is placed at the site of injury to re-ignite or boost and support your body’s natural healing process, may make very significant difference and lead to healing without need of more invasive interventions.

After obtaining the blood or bone marrow sample, all of the processing is done in a treatment room, and uses sterile devices to create the therapeutic preparation within 15-20 minutes. Since it is your own blood or bone marrow that is being collected, processed, and returned to you, there is no rejection or risk or medication like side effects, nor risk of transferring an infection from other human donated tissue products. Your own tissue and cells are used to create an environment more conducive to healing,  within the area of the condition, as your personalized therapeutic treatment.

Our team of experienced professionals at BennuLife, is dedicated to working with patients to provide therapeutic solutions for conditions like tennis elbow, other tendonitis, old musculoskeletal or joint injuries and arthritis type painful symptoms, when a less invasive procedure is a desirable, effective and appropriate treatment option, with no meaningful associated side effects.

For such conditions or situations, after a through clinical assessment on the initial office app, detailed counseling about diagnosis and a custom therapeutic plan options can be delineated in most cases. There is established clinical data supporting the use of either a preparation made from your own blood (called Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP) or bone marrow (Bone Marrow Concentrate, BMC) in order to treat the tendonitis related elbow pain or condition in question.

BennuLife is well-positioned at the front edge of regenerative medicine to provide patients with therapeutic treatments that use their own body’s adult stem cells to boost or support their own body’s restorative functions, helping the management of chronic pain, reducing or eliminating need for medications or other treatments, and allow people to return to or continue to have a healthy, active lifestyle.

Of course, BennuLife Austin offers more. Our mission is to provide you with a coordinated, personalized treatment approach to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself, so that you can feel well, be well, and look well.

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