PRP Infusion Facial - Look Younger, Naturally

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Look Younger, Naturally!

The Bennulife PRP Infusion Facial is designed to heal your skin naturally using your own cells. There are no toxic chemicals used here – none whatsoever! Though the process may feel like a spa treatment, it is a medical treatment that is based on years of research conducted by our own doctors and scientists.


Our proprietary PRP Infusion Facial integrates multiple levels of healing and regeneration within the body. The method by which we deliver our PRP Infusion Facial encourages:

  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improved skin texture
  • Cell turnover for reduced dark spots
  • More youthful appearance
  • Collagen and elastin production at the cellular level

Dermal fibroblasts are a complex population of cells within the skin. They are responsible for supporting the skin’s healing and recovery from injury and for generating connective tissue making them a critical factor in efficient wound healing. They also help to keep the skin taut and smooth, preventing the formation of wrinkles over time, which should be of great interest to anyone who is looking to turn back the clock on the aging process.

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Our unique PRP Infusion Facial process recruits fibroblasts to the area of treatment, stimulating the formation of collagen and promoting healing. Because of this, we often refer to our PRP Infusion Facial as a “Fibroblast Facial” because the fibroblasts are the real healing powerhouse driving this process. These new fibroblasts will produce collagen, elastin and GAG to help restore and maintain the skin’s firmness, elasticity and hydration.

Cosmetics only go skin-deep

If you are one of the many people who have a cabinet-full of face creams and serums that are meant to reduce wrinkles, you probably know that their promises were really only skin deep. They said all the right words and gave us the hope of younger-looking skin, but the truth is, topical creams can only affect the skin on the very surface.

Our PRP Infusion Facial significantly outperforms all topical products in the effort to reduce and reverse the skin’s aging process as it is able to penetrate the dermis and deliver growth factors, proteins, and platelets beneath the top layer of skin. Here, they can directly enhance and initiate the healing response at the very site of collagen formation. Topical creams are great for daily upkeep, but for real, lasting results, we also need to deliver healing deeper into the skin.

Our PRP Infusion Facial therapies arbitrate the skin’s aging process to repair damage and slow the skin’s aging process. This is accomplished through an adaptive approach to restorative wellness and can affect dramatic and long-lasting results for your face, neck, and chest.

How Our PRP Infusion Facials work

The procedure is conducted in the comfort of our offices and takes about one hour. We start by drawing a small amount of blood from your arm. We then concentrate the sample to isolate the most natural, healing properties and prepare it for the procedure.

While your sample is being prepared, our nurses will prime your skin with an exfoliating facial. We then follow up with a micro-needling infusion of your highly-concentrated plasma.

Before and after the procedure, we will apply SkinCeuticals scientifically formulated skin care products to optimize the procedure. Most people leave the office sporting a healthy glow, ready to get on with their day.

The healing process begins immediately but will continue for several weeks following the procedure. Most patients begin to see the positive results in as little as two to three weeks.

Not all PRP Facials are created equal

There are two very important things to consider when investing in a PRP Facial:

  • Cell Concentration - you want the MOST healing cells and growth factors possible
  • Microneedling Device - you need the healing growth factors delivered under the top layer of skin

First, the concentration of the plasma is an all-important process. At Bennulife, we use a patented system that is specially designed to concentrate your blood. In comparison, many other clinics who offer PRP facials use a tiny centrifuge that really only does part of the job. Unfortunately, this process yields inconsistent and unreliable results and this is the reason why so many of these procedures fail.

The device used to deliver the plasma to the skin is the other component. Most clinics begin with micro-needling the skin and then apply the plasma to the surface of the skin. Our process is vastly different in that we use a device that micro-needles the skin and then, using suction, is able to place the plasma deep into the dermis where it can immediately begin the healing process.

Using this patented process, we are able to precisely isolate and extract the most healing properties of your blood and deliver it to the areas where it will do the most good. Your doctor can also personalize the process depending on the quality of your skin. These unique procedures put Bennulife at the forefront of regenerative treatments, ensuring that you get the best results possible from your PRP Infusion Facial.

If you would like to learn more about Bennulife’s regenerative PRP Infusion Facial, reach out today.

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