Bennulife: Leading the Way for Safe and Legal Stem Cell Therapy

Posted by Brett Findley, Government Relations on October 12, 2018 at 11:46 AM

BennuLife is honored to help lead the way for safe and affordable stem cell therapy in Texas. In May of 2017 the Texas legislature passed and the governor signed HB810.  Also known as Charlie’s Law, this legislation makes it safe and legal for those who suffer from chronic pain to seek adult stem cell therapy in Texas.  While the bill makes it legal, one must be very cautious when choosing where they seek such treatments

Clinics such as BennuLife and their board-certified medical doctors are solely responsible for this.  There are many clinics and non-medical licensed physicians offering such treatments.  This is not only bad for the industry it can be extremely unsafe for the patient. 

Autologous Cell Therapy – Allowing one’s body to heal itself

If one thing is certain, I’ve never had an affinity for going to the doctor.  But, as I near the half century mark, I’ve been very blessed (knocking on wood) with a healthy body which has undergone a very vigorous regimen as a former competitive athlete.  Many others have not been so lucky as injuries have forced them to the sidelines to face major surgical procedures followed by grueling hours of rehabilitation.  

The good news for us today is that science and technology are improving daily, coinciding with the growing number of patients who are choosing a less invasive path in order to heal their chronic pain.  This concept is not new.  In fact, it has been around since the early 1900s and tested over and over in many countries with incredible results. 

The use of a patient’s own cells to promote healing provides a way of accelerating the body’s natural healing process.

Today, numerous athletes are choosing cell therapy to treat sports injuries before going under anesthesia and knife.  Patients are pleased with the results, the quicker recovery time, lower costs and the fact that there isn’t anything artificial implanted into their body nor large quantities of prescription drugs that only mask the pain temporarily. 

Healthcare Costs Are Out of Control

As we all know, healthcare costs are rising to levels which many cannot afford.  Prescription drug use is at an all-time high and opiate abuse has been a political talking point at both the state and federal levels.  At the state level, healthcare costs are the leading state expenditure in their annual budget and unfortunately, they don’t have the luxury of printing additional money should their budget not balance.  This leads to drastic budget cuts on essential items in order to make up the difference. 

New Legislature

 States such as Texas and Arkansas are paving the way for cell therapy treatments by passing new legislation and giving state employees the option to seek cell therapy treatment prior to undergoing a major operation.  This achieves two important goals:

  •  Safety: using the patient’s own cells eliminates any risk of rejection or infection. 
  •  Lower cost: by using cell therapy over a procedure like a total knee replacement which can reach $50,000. 

Legal Stem Cell TherapyIn Arkansas, Act 1089 will setup a pilot study providing access to all state employees who are suffering from chronic pain the option to seek treatment from medical professionals and specified clinics throughout the state.  Authors of this legislation have estimated that potential savings to their state’s budget could range upwards of $100M annually while providing a safe, effective outcome for the patient.  If successful, the final results of this pilot could be the catalyst for other states to follow. In Texas, the legislature has wrestled with codifying anything in statute that would allow such treatments.  This caused many terminally ill to seek treatment elsewhere.  For those who could afford it, flying to areas outside of the US was an option.  Others who were too ill to travel or couldn’t afford the costs of travel continued to suffer having exhausted all other options of medical treatments.  

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If you are interested in learning more, please consult your primary care physician or phone my friends at BennuLife to find out if you are a candidate 512-213-1668. 

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