Combating Chronic pain - with Stem Cells

Posted by BennuLife Staff on September 19, 2018 at 10:37 PM

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Over the last decade, the number of people in the US who are becoming addicted to prescription pain medication has skyrocketed. As a result, prescription pain medications bring higher prices on the street than ever before and pain management doctors are left to battle patients over access to these drugs. However, stem cells now offer exciting new options to help patients avoid pain medications altogether.

The news is filled with tragic stories detailing the stories of people who overuse prescribed pain medications and go on to become dependent on them. Some, unfortunately, end up overdosing. Many will die.

Historically, patients have been responsible for administering their own medication once prescribed. Now, it is the doctor who can be held liable if their patient doesn’t follow the prescription.

So what are pain management doctors to do?

“We’re doing everything we can”, says Dr. Ankur Mehta, D.O. and Medical Director of TX Spine & Joint. “But the truth is, the more we do to protect ourselves, the more difficult it becomes for patients. The issue is that we are finding a much more difficult line between helping the patient and protecting ourselves. By utilizing adult stem cell treatments, we can significantly limit or even eradicate the need for a patient to be prescribed stronger pain medications post-injury or surgery.”

How adult stem cells help in pain management

The process of using adult stem cells (mesenchymal cells) is very straightforward. During the procedure, a physician extracts a small amount of bone marrow from an easy-to-access point on the hip. The bone marrow is then separated, following which the doctor returns the concentrated adult stem cells to the part of the body that needs to heal.

When stem cells divide, they produce what are called ‘progenitor’ cells. These are cells that become more highly specialized, like brain and blood cells. In orthopedic uses, these cells can help regenerate and heal bone and cartilage.

For many Regenerative Medicine doctors, the advent of introducing stem cells post-surgically has had an enormous impact on the healing process, reducing the number of prescription pain medications necessary to dispense.

Ashleigh is a Bennulife patient who recently underwent surgery for spinal scoliosis. The stem cell treatment she received cut her recovery time in half. “If I ever have surgery again, I will make sure I have the stem cell procedure again. I didn’t have to take the pain medication I was prescribed for very long at all, which definitely made my husband feel better. He was more concerned about the prescription pain medication than my actual surgery.”

Stem cell therapy is a promising pain management tool

It is a huge responsibility for a patient to manage opioid pain medications on their own. While some people overuse the prescription medications in an attempt to make their pain more manageable on a day-to-day basis, others endure insufferable pain because they fear taking any medications at all due to the risk of addiction.

At Bennulife, we believe stem cell therapy is a powerful pain management tool and we have plenty of positive results, like Ashleigh’s, to back up our claims. Stem cell therapy offers a real solution for patients who want to avoid taking pain medications altogether.

If you would like to learn more or find out if you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy, schedule a consultation today.

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