10 Conditions Commonly Managed With Stem Cell Therapy

Posted by BennuLife Staff on August 5, 2018 at 4:12 PM

10 Conditions Commonly Managed with Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell Therapy is a minimally invasive, non-surgical method of treating many types of pain. For some, the relief is so effective that they have been able to leave a lifetime of chronic pain behind them and go on to lead an active, fulfilling life without restriction.

If you have arthritis or have chronic pain of any kind, you might be wondering if you are a good candidate for regenerative medicine. To answer any questions you may have, here is a list of the top ten conditions commonly treated by stem cell therapy:

1.    Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is the second most common reason for seeing a doctor and the most significant contributor to the national opioid crisis. In many cases, the alternative is serious back surgery: spinal fusion or other invasive procedures can take months or even years to heal properly and there is no guarantee that the surgery will even work.

Who really wants screws and rods in their spine if there is a way to avoid it? BennuLife has had very positive five-year follow-up data on chronic back pain treatments using your own adult stem cells. In many cases, patients have been able to avoid surgery completely and have gone on to lead an active, pain-free life.

2.    Chronic Neck Pain

Having a bad neck is the most common cause of severe headaches. Stem cell therapy using your own adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) can end this pain for good, often with just one treatment. Only Bennulife has published long-term follow-up data showing how effective stems cell injections can be in treating chronic neck pain.

3.    Knee Arthritis

On average, 20 percent of people report experiencing significant pain AFTER a knee replacement. Despite the surgery, the physio and rehab, you may still have to suffer from ongoing pain. There is also the possibility that the surgery may have to be repeated at a later date because knee replacements don’t last forever!

For many, stem cell therapy is a viable alternative to knee replacement surgery. There is extensive published data proving the safety and efficacy of using adult stem cells to alleviate knee arthritis pain.

4.    Hip Arthritis

Hip replacement surgery is a very good procedure but if you can avoid going under the knife, why not try? A stem cell procedure may be a viable option for you prior to having hip replacement surgery. In many cases, it could help you avoid surgery altogether or at the very least, it could postpone the procedure and take away your hip arthritis pain for several years following the treatment.

5.    Rotator Cuff Abnormalities

Rotator cuff tears, injuries or abnormalities can be extremely painful, as is the surgery to repair them. The good news is that stem cell therapy is tapped to change the current standard of care for partial, acute, and chronic rotator cuff tears. Stem cell therapy will soon replace most of the current arthroscopic surgeries because the results are far better and the recovery is much quicker.

6.    Shoulder Arthritis

Stem Cells work very well when introduced into a non-weight-bearing joint. Bennulife has treated former NFL players who have suffered chronic shoulder arthritis - and the majority of them have avoided surgery altogether. This is great news for everybody!

7.    Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow may seem like a minor thing, but when it flares up, it can stop you dead in your tracks. Numerous published papers report very good and promising results treating this common problem with PRP or stem cell therapy.

8.    Ankle Arthritis

The surgical options for ankle arthritis are an ankle fusion or replacement. Both have a LONG recovery and the results are not great, often requiring more surgery at a later date. Trying a stem cell procedure first could help you avoid a lifetime of grief, reduced mobility, and discomfort.

9.   Wound Care

Wound healing is a complex process and is especially hard in patients who have diabetes. Various factors are responsible for poor healing in such patients including poor blood supply to the affected organ and lack of healthy surrounding tissue that can support the healing process.  Autologous stem cells may help in the healing process. Stem cells have also been shown to treat burns. Furthermore, patients showed reduced scarring when this treatment was used to help close and heal incisions.

10.  Chronic Systemic Inflammation

Inflammation is the scourge of the modern lifestyle and can lead to many chronic complaints. There is nothing that combats inflammation like the mesenchymal stem cell! We use stem cells extracted from your own bone marrow to affect a marked decrease of systemic inflammation, leading to a better quality of life from every possible angle.

If you would like to learn whether you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy, call Bennulife today to set up a consultation.

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